English Presentations in Skaramagas Refugee Camp

English Presentations in Skaramagas Refugee Camp The following images were taken in Skaramagas Refugee Camp, Greece, during an evening English class. The students in this class, coming from Syria, Iraq, and Iran, had been tasked by their teacher with giving a short presentation in English in which they described their families, their favorite foods, and … More English Presentations in Skaramagas Refugee Camp

Kyle Pugh

  Kyle Pugh.  July 26th, 2016 in Minneapolis. Kyle Pugh is a self proclaimed hobo.  He travels the country on trains, finding work where he can.  I met Kyle through JR, another hobo who befriended me the day before. “With the first train, came the first hobo. What you need to know is, there are three … More Kyle Pugh