Skaramagas Refugee Camp

In A Refugee Camp, Entrepreneurship Thrives In Isobox Containers

These images were photographed for a story written by Sara Rahim, published by Athens Live. The story discusses refugee life and the thriving of refugee operated businesses within Skaramagas Refugee Camp outside Athens.

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Captions by Sara Rahim.

Mostafa’s hummus recipe is his grandmother’s from Homs, Syria.Mostafa takes time to prepare and decorate his plates, even if customers have to wait longer to receive their food. His motto is, “Quality, Quality, Quality”.Mohammed sweeps the area in front of his barbershop, which is located between two containers.Danish’s spicy chicken wraps are famous in the camp. With a price of one euro per sandwich, it is no wonder his customers keep coming back.  Danish goes to Omonia every morning to purchase fresh ingredients to prepare his dishes. Danish is a Kurd from Qamishli, Syria. He speaks Arabic, Kurmanji, Sorani, and English. Ahmed uses a recipe from Syria to make Falafel. Ahmed, a young boy works in a restaurant and receives a monthly salary.Falafel is the most consumed item in Skaramagas restaurants. Ahmed, his son, and friends from the camp expand his tailor shop and make the walls sturdier for the winter months. Ahmed spends day renovating his shop and pours all of his savings into its upkeep.